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Late March to mid-November is the growing season in Pearland. Homeowners should mow their lawn at least once a week. If you need help with regular lawn mowing, especially as the summer heat picks up, call Kevin Your Handyman. We can provide a regular, high-quality lawn mowing service for an affordable rate.

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Top Lawn Care Jobs

When we get hired to mow a lawn, customers frequently ask us additional lawn care help Here are some the top jobs we get hired for:

Lawn mowing

Lawn edging


Leaf cleanup

We Handle all Types of Lawn Care

Mowing and Trimming

One of the most common tasks we handle is regular lawn mowing and trimming. This includes cutting the grass to a specified height and trimming the edges along sidewalks, driveways, and landscaping.

Weeding and Edging

We are often called upon to remove weeds from flower beds, walkways, and other areas of the lawn. We also edge the lawn to create clean, defined borders between the grass and other surfaces.

Fertilizing and Lawn Treatment

Applying fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides to the lawn is another common job for us. This helps to promote healthy growth, control weeds, and prevent pests and diseases.

Aeration and Overseeding

We can aerate the lawn to alleviate soil compaction and improve air and water circulation to the roots. Overseeding is often done after aeration to introduce new grass seeds and thicken the lawn.

Leaf Removal and Yard Cleanup

During the fall, we are often hired to remove leaves and debris from the lawn. We perform general yard cleanup tasks, such as removing branches, clearing brush, and tidying up flower beds.

Affordable Lawn Care in Pearland

Pearland is known for its beautiful neighborhoods. But if yard work takes up all your weekend time, Kevin Your Handyman can help. We’ll mow, trim, and edge your lawn so you can enjoy your weekends.

How Kevin Your Handyman Can Help: Our team can take care of all your lawn needs, from mowing to fertilizing to weed control.

Here’s what you should know about lawn care in Pearland:

Types of Grass: Bermudagrass, buffalograss, Kentucky bluegrass, and tall fescue.

Spring Lawn Care: Aerate your lawn, break up compacted soil, and fertilize. Water often and remove weeds or use a weed killer.

Fall Lawn Care: Rake leaves, dethatch, and overseed your lawn. Keep watering until the first frost.

Common Lawn Pests: White grubs, chinch bugs, and fire ants.

Common Lawn Diseases: Dollar spot, brown patch, and rust.

Why Hire a Handyman for Lawn Care?

If for most lawn care needs, a handyman is much more affordable than the cost of a professional lawn care company. When you call a professional handyman service like Kevin Your Handyman, you’ll get:

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